Umm… oops?

September 19th, 2008

So after my interviews and literature review, I was under the distinct impression that ethnicity did not play a major role in voting patterns, especially in the case of Haitians.  There was a lot of backlash from the community when Jacques Parizeau, then leader of Quebec and  the Parti Québécois, stated infamously that it was “money and the ethnic vote” that lost Quebec its independence.  But now, with my initial data sets compiled regarding 1) general election voting results; 2) referendum voting results; and 3) ethnic composition by voting district, I have to revise my beliefs.

I think, now, that immigrants indeed affected the yes: no ratio in a district in the 1995 referendum on Quebec’s independence.  Whether or not Haitians are complicit in this has yet to be determined.  The data are not clear enough for an initial glance to suffice: voting results are not broken down specifically by one’s ethnicity.  I’m still not sure how to tackle this murkiness.  I have a meeting on Tuesday afternoon with Stu Hamilton [[Thanks, Matt!]] to talk about map-making using my data sets.  Hopefully this will help me organize my thoughts.

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