March 2nd, 2009

My goal had been to have all six main chapters written by now, so that I could have a full month for revisions.  Instead, I’ve got all but two chapters (of seven) written for my thesis.  I’m largely satisfied with my progress.  Granted, there is work to be done on the written ones, and there is a LOT of work to be done on the unwritten ones.  I’ve procrastinated a little bit, out of frustration with the way my chapters were turning out earlier.  And I’ve procrastinated because I’ve been bogged down this semester with coursework and, to a lesser extent, work-work.  Thus, chapter five – one of the meaty parts of my thesis – has had nothing done to it.  [[I lie.  I’ve thought about it, and scribbled to myself, and made comments about what to do, and pulled together a set of sources.  But I haven’t necessarily thought about more of my primary sources or even thoughtfully read the secondary sources strewn about my desktop and browser bookmark bar.]]  Oh well…

If you’ve ever seen the Futurama episode where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee, then you’d know what I feel like.  Replace coffee with stress.

Tonight I’m getting together with some Hist 490-c alums to go over our thesis chapters.  We decided it would be a good idea (or at least helpful) to trade our writing to get comments and feedback on everything.  For me this is especially helpful, since I’m only supposed to turn in polished work to my advisor.  [[Not knocking it, it just can be hard to tell what other people consider “good” when you’ve immersed yourself in the subject.  And yes I fully admit that self-editing is a skill that requires work and patience to master.  I just haven’t got there yet.]]  So I get to trudge roughly 2 miles in the snow/slush to meet up at the Leafe.  Yay, snow!

And, if that weren’t good enough,  I found out last night [[before the extreme disappointment of the early closing of a bowling alley due to ‘inclement weather’ that would not have even fazed my previous neighbors in Halifax]] that my paper was accepted to a conference to be held this summer in Calgary, Alberta.  Hooray!  I feel all grown-up now.  Fingers crossed that I have time to stop by the rodeo while I’m there…

So, things to do in the midst of mid-terms: 1) get back edits on ch 1-3; 2) edit up ch 4; 3) outline ch 5.

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