Pas trop satisfiant…

March 30th, 2009

… mais ça suffit. I have officially finished typing my thesis (YAY!). But, alas, being a Monday, I now have to do more homework – and tomorrow I have to create the Bibliography, edit all the footnotes, add some in just-in-case, and do a final breeze-over before sending it down the pipe to my Director. All while doing still more homework.

Do you see why this isn’t terribly satisfying? *Sigh* It will have to suffice. (I bet having a printed copy in front of my eyes will make the joy bubble over, even if I have other papers to write that day.)

I propose a toast: To the beginning of the end! At last.

[[Addendum:  On presenting.

Today I gave an awkward, haphazard fumbling-through of my thesis work to a small but dedicated crowd of observers in the CC lounge.  Thanks for the support, but I know I messed that one up.  I appreciate your patience and kindness, and your questions that kept me on track.  Lessons for the future (definitely for my Real Conference):

1.  Just in case, have two prep sheets.  One can be the normal brief comments outlining a trajectory for the speech, but the other one better have a more detailed explanation, facts, figures etc. to pull from should something happen to make you less able to talk off the top of your noggin.  For example, if you are suddenly fatigued.

2.  When you bring examples/pictures/graphs to show, SHOW THEM, for goodness’ sake.  You spent time making them, why not share them with other people?  It could distract them from your poor showmanship, too.

Thankfully, there’s another Monroe talk tomorrow about presenting at conferences.  Though I know where I went wrong this time, it can be useful to review the basics from time to time.  Even pro baseball players warm up before they play.]]

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