Oh dear

March 30th, 2010

I realized yesterday that I am not meant to do great things for one simple reason: I am not willing (or able) to pull all-nighters.  Not even my feeble attempts throughout college have had success.  Usually if I try it, I sleep for at least two hours in the middle.  And, though I might work a great deal, and while in school I never have any sort of social life, I honestly admire the French for their insistence that 35 hours a week is too much to work.  I look forward to the day when I can keep work at work, and spend honest quality fun time at home not thinking about The Office or Business.

For the moment, I’m trying my best to edit the thesis.  Actually, I’m more impressed than I thought I’d be by my own writing.  [[That sounds quite vain.  I think I’m just ready to get out of here – I’ve been more impressed by my A- work lately than I’ve ever been in my life.  When did I lower my standards?]]  Chapters 1-2 of 7 are finished for the final time, and I’m working on getting a room in which to defend myself from the three villains who’ll be reading this stack of pages.  Tomorrow morning before class, I’ll try to get through chapter 3 and possibly 4, and then in the evening I’ll get 5-7 done.  Sounds reasonable.  Much more so after having finished a major research project/presentation, seen the opening in my schedule for the weekend to do reading for a three-book/three website Indian history review project (peppered with reading for yet another research project, this time on China), and just eaten a nice bowl of chocolate pudding.  Yum.

*Sigh*  The end is bittersweet.  Mostly because I am still unemployed, no matter how well my thesis goes, and am looking at the lowest grades I’ve ever earned for at least two of the five classes I’m in.  (Which doesn’t help to bring up the GPA for graduate schools.)  Know this:  Competition is fierce, and not for the feeble

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